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Red Cell - unabashedly a synth-pop band who channel the genre’s pioneers. Their music, as such, isn’t the electronic-oriented, dance-infused stuff currently being heard on the radio. It isn’t even the warm new wave of New Order. Instead, Red Cell are replicating the early musicians who took analogue synthesizers and manipulated sound, and following the works of artists who integrated elements of other genres like progressive rock and industrial.

Album of the year! 8/10 -

Red Cell has developed into to very talented songwriters and they impress a lot on “Endings and Beginnings” which is undoubtedly one of the year’s best albums in the genre. 9/10, a masterpiece!- ElektroSkull

“Vial of Dreams” fuses together the sonic pulses of Devo with the dark soundscapes of Depeche Mode. The combination results in a surprisingly hypnotic number. The song is like staring into a fire, where your gaze is transfixed on the flickers of flames – or in this case the deep synths and programming of Red Cell. - The Revue

The evolution in sound is absolutely impressive. Red Cell clearly reveals great writing skills in electro-pop music. It’s a clean and well-crafted production revealing melancholic passages, but still delicate arrangements. The vocals perfectly match with the sound. 7/10 - Side-Line Magazine

The song writing is solid! 7/10 - Release Magazine